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We all live within an invisible box made of our beliefs, conditioning and stories. And because we are inside that box, we can’t fully see it.

We may perceive its boundaries through the experiences of life, but we can’t see the box.

Like a liquid in a container, we adapt our form to fit into the shape of our box. We need a box to have substance in this world and interact with it. However, too often, that box has rigid, opaque walls that hold us back from showing up in all our magnificence.

That’s why it’s essential to become aware of it, to recognize the boundaries of our box so we can expand them or break through them and liberate our potential.

Unfortunately, the box is almost invisible from the inside.

Sure, we may sense its edges through introspection and experience, but we need someone or something else from outside to help us see it.

We need others to see ourselves fully.

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