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There are many versions of me.

Some of them I don’t even know myself.

You may know one or more of them.

I remember moments where two of the many worlds I lived in met, and people close to me were trying to reconcile these different versions of me. My family couldn’t believe I was the same person my friends or colleagues were talking about. And vice versa.

I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone.

For me, it was natural to mould and adapt myself to new environments. Sometimes it was also a way to express part that I felt I could not in the existing ones.

And they are all me. Each different version of me is a part and all of who I am at the same time.

However, lately, I began to reclaim all these versions. Maybe because I’m getting older, but I feel they are all naturally coming home.

I feel as if, for years, I stretched myself, loosening the grip between all these parts of me, so now they can come back and assemble in the most natural and authentic shape.

Some times, I surprise myself.

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