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This morning, I overslept. 

I had to force myself to get out of bed. 

My mind half-asleep, I began my usual morning routine.

First thing, some exercises to wake up and energize the body.

I realize immediately that my physical energy was very low. I struggled to complete some movements.

Somehow, I got to the end of the physical routine and sit down to meditate. As I often do, I picked a BeTheChange card.

Can you imagine my surprise when I picked a card saying “listening to where the energy is really strong“?

We are not machines. 

Our energy varies over time and situations. 

Sure, through discipline and practice, we can make it more steady or learn to deal with the ups and downs. 

Still, energy fluctuates.

Listening to our energy level is fundamental.

It’s like being able to read the sea and the winds, so we can catch the right stream. 

I can listen to where my energy is really strong and use that source to power me through the moment.

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