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A few days ago, I saw on my social stream a powerful quote about the importance of continuously changing and learning. 

I couldn’t agree more. 

However, what struck me was the reason why, according to that quote, we need to keep changing and learning and do it fast.

To stay ahead of the competitors.

To have a competitive advantage in the market.

This “competitive mindset” is quite common. At least for business, I would say that it is still the dominant one. 

It is also the one driving the approach to most innovation efforts. 

And no doubts, this mindset has sparked some of the most incredible advancements for humanity. At least for a part of the world.

The problem of innovating with a competitive mindset is that by default, we are leaving someone behind. Even worst, it is the very purpose of it: leaping ahead so we can leave the rest behind.

I believe that many of the enormous challenges humanity is facing are the results of innovating from this mindset and culture.

Until the purpose that drives our efforts is to get ahead of others instead of lifting everyone, we will keep leaving someone and something behind.

But how long can we play this game before there’s nobody and nothing left to celebrate with?

It is time for a new approach to innovation, one that aims at lifting everyone instead of staying ahead.

That’s one of the reasons why my co-authors and I wrote a manifesto for a new approach to innovation.

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