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Some times, I try too hard.
In particular, with things that I have to do.
Maybe because I made a promise or commitment to others or to myself.
The latter is the more dangerous one because I usually get trapped in the guilt loop.
Whatever the reason, when I try too hard, I get stuck.
My mind stiffens, thoughts stop flowing, and ideas dry out.
Usually, my first reaction is to try even harder.
Come on, I have to do it, and I know I have the potential to do it.
However, the more I try, the worse it gets.
It’s like being trapped in quicksand.
Quicksand liquefies when it is stressed by movements. The higher the stress, the more fluid quicksand gets. A body begins to sink when it starts to move.
So, better to stay still or move slowly.
The same thing happens to me when I try too hard to do something creative, like writing.
Yet, even I know how it works, I keep doing it.
At least this morning, I recognized the pattern.

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