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I’m not sure why this memory came up today.
It’s something extraordinary that happened when I was a kid.
Or probably, the proper adjective is unbelievable.
Because it is unbelievable so most likely you’ll think I’m crazy.
But hey, it’s true.
I am somehow a fool.
Anyway, it happens when I was 7 or 8 years old.
It was spring, a morning like any other at school.
When the bell rang, signalling the beginning of the mid-morning break, we all rushed out as usual.
Someone alone and others in groups, all eager to chat, play or eat something.
That morning I went out alone. I slowly walked down the short marble staircase to the schoolyard.
I was feeling different, like if I was in a bubble.
All sounds around me were muffled; the other kids running were blurred.
I reached the last step, and then I flew.
It wasn’t a real flight, just three steps floating a few centimetres from the ground.
I walked in the air for a few seconds, and then I came down on the ground.
I know, it’s impossible. I know, I probably dreamed about it.
Yet, in my mind, it’s as vivid and clear as a few other memories.
I can still feel the excitement, the fear that someone may have seen me, the desire to keep it secret.
For shy, nerdy kid me, it was real.
In my memories, it is real.
Now you know.

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