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When it comes to knowledge, the only thing I know for sure is that what I don’t know is way bigger than what I know.
In the last 30 years, technology has made knowledge, in many forms, widely and easily accessible. With our smartphones, we can access data, information and knowledge that was unimaginable for our grandparents.

But does all this knowledge make us wiser?

Sometimes, I get trapped in the knowledge spiral. With all this information available, it’s easy to think that I should be able to always make the right choice. So, I collect data and information until I get lost. It becomes too much to process.

Lately, the line between truth and lies has become blurred, and it’s hard to understand what and who I can believe. I’m left with the feeling that there is always an essential piece of information that I’m missing no matter how much I know about something.

So, how can I make the right choices if knowledge can’t help me?
What does it even mean to make the “right” choice?

Personally, I’m learning to be more present.
Present to the world outside, but primarily present to what is happening within me. I am rediscovering the subjectivity of my experience of reality.

I can’t know if a choice is right.
But I’m learning to feel it.

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