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It’s way later than usual for my morning practice.
As much as I love my early morning rituals, sometimes we must be flexible and go with the flow.
However, I can’t really anchor my day without my daily apple.
When I don’t write, I feel as if something is missing, and I struggle to focus the whole day.
So, here I am, writing a few words on a train to Milan.
I’ve always loved travelling by train.
It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect but also observe humanity.
Today, however, I’ve been looking out of my window.
I’m on a high-speed train, and the landscape scrolls quickly before my eyes, villages alternating with open countryside. This is my homeland, but everything is so fast and blurred that I struggle to recognize anything. It’s only when the train slows down to enter a station that shapes become more defined, and details become visible.
Last weekend, I walked in the woods, going deliberately slow, and I remember my senses filled with sensations.
Sometimes we need to go fast to get to the desired destination in such a racing world. However, in doing so, we may miss plenty of details that could make the experience of travelling to our destination way more fulfiling. That’s why I believe it’s vital to take the time to slow down every now and then. Just to awaken our senses and expand our vision.
You may even discover that slowing down can make you faster.

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