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The amount of data that humanity, directly on indirectly, produce and consume every minute is mindblowing. 

Clearly, there is no shortage of data, information and knowledge. And it has never been so easy to access for so many people in the world.

With so much objective knowledge and data at our disposal, you would imagine that we should easily agree on everything. 

Instead, we are continuously experiencing divisions and conflicts on almost every subject. 

In the quest for truth, we found plenty of knowledge, and we convinced ourselves that it is the same thing. 

I know I did it.

Sometimes I still do it, but I’m getting better at catching myself when it happens.

Because I read, learn or understand something, I may convince myself that I’ve found the truth. And I hold it with pride before others, only to discover that it isn’t gold but just pyrite, the fool’s gold.

Knowing a lot is a great thing. 

Having plenty of data and information is absolutely useful.

Just remember that truth is meant to be sought, not to be found. 

Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.


Infographic by DOMO.

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