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Why is it not happening? 

This question comes up often lately.

Studies, research and books show us that a different way to work, live, and be is not only possible, but it also bears a positive impact on everyone.

There are plenty of evidence, examples, stories, knowledge, data, ideas, tools, models and systems. It’s all there, accessible to everyone.

And there is also no shortage of smart, handful, skilful and empathic people in the world. 

Yet, it is not happening.

Not only we can’t find an answer to the significant challenges of humanity. We struggle to improve our organizations, our communities and, in the end, the quality of our own lives.

Sure, there are striking examples all over the planet. Yet, it’s hard to understand why this transformation toward a more holistic approach to everything is taking so long to spread.

Why are organizations resisting this transformation despite the evidence saying that it would benefit every stakeholder?

It won’t happen until there is a shift in awareness. Only then, individuals, organizations and communities will be able to source new forms and configurations. 

And for this shift to happen, we must embrace a journey of subtraction.

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