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Human beings have the unique ability to endure almost anything. 

I know people who for decades have kept doing a job they loathe, being in an unhappy relationship, or living somewhere they don’t feel at home.

All situation that can be changed.

But they don’t.

They keep enduring the struggle, the pain and the unhappiness.

Day after day.

They keep telling themselves that they have no other choices. 

What struck me the most when I talk with them is that they know what they really want to do. But once they describe the life they desire, they immediately start listing the things they can’t let go.

They quickly go from “waiting the right time” to change to “it’s too late” to do it.

They just believe it’s impossible for them to change.

And they are right.

As Henry Ford said, “whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.

The belief of what we can and cannot do defines the boundaries of our ability to change our world.

So, if we want to change our world, the starting point should be our belief about what is possible.

Possunt quia posse videntur.


They can, because they think they can.

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