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To have clarity about what we need is crucial to set our priorities.
However, for many people I know – myself included – it’s one thing to know what they need, but it’s an entirely different game to say it to someone else.
We live in a competitive society that praises the winner, the achiever, the ones who beat the competition and comes out on top.
As a result, in many contexts, relationships are continuous negotiations.
In such a culture, you can’t show your weaknesses.
And expressing your needs can make you vulnerable.
If I tell you that I need something, you can use that information as leverage in our negotiation.
How many needs remain unmet because they are not expressed?
I grew up with that kind of pride that makes it difficult to express my needs or ask for help. Yet, any time I find the courage to do it, something incredible happens. I always found someone happy to help; they just didn’t know I needed their help.
It’s still hard, but I’m practising.

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