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This moment is my sanctuary

Every morning, when I sit here to write, I feel safe and protected.

Within this sanctuary, I can be me. 

I write whatever I have in my mind, heart and guts without any worries. 

In here, I feel no shame, fear or judgement. 

Right now, while I’m writing these words, there is only me and a silent white page.

Out there is different.

“Will they understand, or will they think I’m crazy?”

“Who am I to talk about this or that?”

“What would they think about me if I say this?”

“Is it worth the risk?”

Out there, all these questions crip in and chip away my confidence.

But little by little, the guy in here is getting stronger.

I thought these fifteen minutes, daily practice was about writing. 

Truth is, in here, I’m practising being me. 

Until one day, my whole day will be like these fifteen minutes, and the whole world will be like this white page.

This morning post has been inspired by something my dear friend Peter shared on Linkedin: “Learn to focus, not on WHAT you are but THAT you are.” from The Book of Privy Council

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