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What is your craft?

Last Sunday, I went to visit the river near where I grew up.

Rivers are an incredible source of wisdom.

If you have the patience to listen to them long enough, you’ll hear the water whispering.

So, I sat on the riverbank, and I waited in silence. And after a while, I heard that question in my head.

What is your craft?

My first answer was, “I don’t know”.

I do many things, but how do I know if all or one of them is my craft?

So, I asked the river, “what is a craft?”

She (for the local, this river is female) echoed back the question to me. As rivers often do.

I took out my small notepad, and I began writing.

My craft is something I love so much doing that I’m never tired of finding ways to become better at it.

My craft is what helps me makes everything and everyone I meet better than I found them.

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