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Our beliefs and conditionings are like glasses with coloured lenses.

They are so close to your eyes that you don’t see them, but they coloured everything you see.

We all have beliefs, conditionings and biases. Somes come with the package we are born in: our body, culture and environment. Others are added while growing up. Through our experiences, successes and failures, we add shades and colours to the lenses before our eyes. They make us blind to some things while they make others pop up with plenty of details.

Obviously, they influence our choices, words and actions. They percolate in the outcome of our work.
Nowadays, being aware of this is more important than ever because the technology created in one corner of the world is used everywhere.

That’s why many organizations do their best to create diverse teams. Teams in which there are people with different lenses to include as many perspectives as possible.

With many different lenses, there are more possibilities to create an unfiltered and unbiased outcome. However, the most important result of this approach is its side effect. By working with people with different lenses than mine, I may become aware of the filters I see the world through. And subtract them.

There is where the focus should go.

Because in such a global and connected world, the number of different shades is growing exponentially. It is already impossible to create a team that include all possibilities. However, the more we help people become aware of their filters and subtract them, the more they will see the world in all its kaleidoscopic beauty. That should be our primary goal.

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