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Step forward, make yourself available. Commit.

I picked this BeTheChange card this morning. With it, I sat down for a few minutes in silence, and I let the thoughts flow. 

When I opened my laptop to write today’s apple, a word came up: motivation. 

So, now I’m here asking myself what comes first. 

Do I need to find the motivation within me to make the first step forward? Or will the motivation emerge from committing to something?

Honestly, I don’t know.

But a third word, all of a sudden, comes in this space. 


I was discussing this word with my co-author Sujith only a few days ago. 

To cross the departure threshold, a pivotal moment in the Innovator’s Journey when we fully commit to our journey, we must feel that the transformation we are aiming for is inevitable. Even if we don’t know what it will look like once achieved, we just feel that it’s inevitable with every cell in our body.

How convinced are you of the inevitability of the change you envision?

However, to feel that something is inevitable is not enough to step forward. We must also sense that our destiny is intertwined with that change. That we are called to do something about it.

To what extent do you know that your destiny is intertwined with this change?

If you feel that something is inevitable and it’s your destiny to do something about it, then you have no choice but to step forward and make yourself available. The motivation to commit will surge from within.

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