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Have you ever felt dried out? As if you have squeezed out the last drop, and if you have nothing left to give?

It happens to me once or twice per year. 

The amount of time I spend staring at the screen before I find something to write about gets longer. Words become harder to find, and I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over.

My morning practices, despite being the usual duration, require way more time. 

That’s when I know I need to pause.

Every few seasons, farmers leave a piece of land without sowing for a while. It’s a technique called fallow. It allows the land to recover and replenish its reserve of nutrients, so plants will grow stronger.

My creative field needs a few weeks of fallow.

A time in which I’ll rest, relax, read, have conversations, explore, learn and allow for my body, mind, heart and soul to restore their reserve of creativity.

See you in a few weeks with new apples.

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