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It’s more complicated than I thought.

When I decided to pause my morning writing practice, I thought it would be easy to start again.

It is not.

When I was a kid, we went to visit a big glass factory here in my village. They melt the sand and other materials in a giant furnace, and then the liquid glass goes into the moulds, where it becomes bottles of all shapes.

I don’t remember much of that school trip; it was almost forty years ago.

However, that is one detail that stuck with me.

That day I learned that they have to work day and night because they can’t shut the furnace down.

It takes days for a furnace to cool down when it’s stopped. And even more to start it again and bring it back to the required temperature.

So, it must keep running.

I’m feeling a bit like that furnace. I stopped my practice and let my mind cool down, and now it’s taking more time than I expected to get the inner fire blaze again.

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