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I am preparing to leave for the first travel after almost two years.
While I’m preparing to depart, I have to decide what I will take with me and what I won’t bring.
I love to travel as much lighter as I can. The fewer things I take with me, the easier it will be to move around and be flexible. Plus, I’ll also have less stuff to worry about.
Over the years, I became pretty good with material stuff. I need very little to live, and I’ve learned to use what I have without thinking about what I left behind. I probably have stuff somewhere that I forgot about.
It’s more complicated with the non-material stuff.
That kind of stuff is hard to let go of.
I know that it is part of the equation; we can’t carry everyone and everything with us.
To depart means to leave behind something.
It is valid for physical journeys as much as for the inner ones.
So, if you want to begin a journey at some point, you’ll have to ask yourself, “what am I ready to let go?”

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