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Today, I’m writing for the third different place in four days. And they’re not just different places but diverse settings.

From the well-known corner in my family home to a café in Doha. Everything is different: the time of the day, the people around me, the sounds, the smells, the light, the colours. I am different. My physical energy and mental and emotional presence are affected by the things around me and those far from me.

All these changes are disruptive in many ways.

And as you would imagine, they make me feel a little lost. As if someone has moved all my points of reference in mysterious ways.

The only constant is this moment. These fifteen minutes sitting by myself, with some quiet music in my earphone taking me in my sanctuary.

A place beyond and within, inside the eye of the storm where I can find my centre and experience stillness no matter how fast the world spins around me.

This is my daily anchor.

A small practice that helps me find the balance I need to face whatever disruption the day will throw at me.

What is your anchor?

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