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A few days ago, I arrived in a new city in a new country.
Everything it’s significantly different from where I live for the last two years. I’m going to be there for a few weeks at least, so I’ll have to redesign my habits and rituals.
While I was thinking about the best way to set up my day, I found myself reflecting on my priorities. What is most important to me?
Too often in the past, my life didn’t reflect my priorities. My actions and habits were not aligned with the things that really mattered to me.
No wonder that after a while, I was stressed and unhappy.
We do it so often.
When asked about what is most important in our lives, we talked about our health, loved ones, and passions. But then, if we observe how we go through our days, we discover that only scraps of our time are dedicated to those things. Or maybe, we designed our life around our priorities, but then, over time, they changed, and we forget to change with them.
Every now and then, it’s vital to check our priorities and realign our life.

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