One Apple A Day is my morning writing practice. Almost every morning, I write for fifteen minutes to anchor my day. It started as a temporary writing experiment a few years ago, and now it’s part of my daily routine to keep myself sane and grounded. As they say, one apple a day keeps the doctor away.

I don’t have an agenda, a defined goal or a specific topic. Every morning I just follow the inspiration by staying in the here and now. From the very beginning, I’ve decided to share these little posts of mine with the world. Who knows, they may inspire you in unexpected ways.

If you like the idea of starting the day with a little reflection to inspire your day, I’m happy to share this practice with you. And maybe you’ll feel called to add your perspective so every apple can become the seed for something bigger.

I’ve decided to move my daily apples to Substack to better manage them. If you want to receive my daily apples right in your inbox just subscribe using the button below.

You can also log in to the website to read the full archives with other 1000 apples and other posts as they are published.