One Apple A Day is my morning writing practice. It started as an experiment a few years ago, and it is now my daily anchoring practice. Fifteen minutes each morning that help me recenter and ground me.
On this page, you can read a new post every weekday.

One Apple A Day #414

Have you ever heard of a product called VantaBlack? It’s a paint developed in the United Kingdom, and it is one of the darkest substances known. It can absorb up to 99.6% of the light. If you search for it on youtube, you’ll find a video in which the creators show a mask painted with this material. If you look at the object from the front, you just see a flat black surface, like a hole in the space. The mask has no shape, no depth, no form. Only when the camera moves to the side, you can see that the object is not flat. This is because our eyes use lights and shadows to understand the shape of things. That video reminds me of the importance of having different perspectives. Sometimes, we get stuck into one view, and we become blind to the richness of what we are looking at. People, situations, problems. To be able to perceive their depth and their substance, we need to embrace different perspectives. We can shift the lights or move to a new point of view. Only seeking multiple perspectives, we can see the wholeness in everything and everyone.

One Apple A Day #413

Energy flows where attention goes.

You probably read this quote in many books and articles.
If you ever rode a motorbike, you undoubtedly experienced how the bike follows your gaze. If you look at the obstacle, you will hit it.
If you watch a professional motorsport race, you will notice how the riders and drivers are always looking where they want to go and not where they are going.

So, where are you putting your attention?

More and more I see on social media people complaining against obscure big enemies or crying about big humanity problems about which there is nothing they can do.
As a result, their energy goes consumed by rage or wasted in words without actions.

What would happen if every person put all the attention in something maybe smaller but doable? That energy would create an impact, albeit small, that will make a difference.
And you know, even the biggest ocean is made of drops of water.

One Apple A Day #412

This is fascinating.
I picked a BeTheChange card this morning.
One that says “Being Creative by BEING who you are”.
This card is an invitation to explore my bigger me.
It challenges me to think about when I’m most of who I am.

I started writing about the quest for who we are.
But words weren’t flowing.
I wrote and rewrote each sentence.

Until I realised that I wasn’t me.
Sometimes, the search for something can take us away for that same thing that we are looking for.
Like in this case.
In my desire to find the real me I was walking away from it.
My bigger who is not in the answer.
It lives and expresses itself in the question.