One Apple A Day #683 – you need a map

“The point of planning isn’t to know exactly what to do. The point of planning is to delude yourself into thinking you know what you’re doing just long enough for you to actually get off your ass and do something.” — from a tweet by Mark Manson

In my experience, we are not scared of change. Most people don’t mind change, actually. What we are scared is the uncertainty that often comes with change. Not knowing what is waiting for us on the other side of change can be frightening. The human brain is a prediction machine, always assessing what’s going on around us to predict what will happen next. So, we don’t mind change. On the contrary, we may even welcome it. As long as we know where we are going. 

For most of us, probable is better than possible.

Unfortunately, when we are trapped in this prediction game, we are unable to take the leaps forward that can really transform our lives and create abundance. 

One of our strength, the ability to predict the future, becomes a limiting factor.

Yet, there is a way in which we can leverage our predictive mind so we can embrace change, even disruptive ones. We can plan or map out the way forward, enough to find the confidence to take the first step. You see, having a map is not a guarantee that we will get where we want. In the same way, having a plan doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want. But they both trick our mind into knowing what’s happening. Having a map, plan or strategy can silence fear for a while so we can find the confidence to begin.

One Apple A Day #653 – being me

“When I shifted my attention from the change I wanted back to my identity, the change I was seeking just happened.”

This is a powerful insight that a dear friend gave me yesterday. 

In the past, when I wanted to change something in my life, I put all my energy and focus on the change I wanted to make.

Too many times, however, I’ve lost myself in the changes I was seeking. I was so focused on changing something in my world that I forgot who I was in that world. When that happened, I find my self lost and disconnected within the same changes I was longing for.

It is only when I shift my focus inward, that I can root my life in who I am and navigate through changes without losing my centre. 

While changes can depend on many factors. I’m the only one in the whole universe, who can be me.

“Know who you are because no one is better at being you than you are.” — David Droga