One Apple A Day #704 – Disruption

Disruption is quite a buzzword. 

For many, it’s almost a mantra, something to seek to grow, innovate and stay ahead.

The word itself comes from the Latin disrumpere, meaning “break apart, split, shatter, break to pieces.” 

A disruption is then a disturbance which interrupts an event, activity, or process. Something that alters your balance and forces you to find a new one.

Everyday life is full of disruptions. Some are very small, others are bigger, but they all alter the course of your life.

You can try to predict them. But if you can predict them, they are not really disruptions, are they? 

What you can do is to prepare yourself, so when something knocks you off your balance, you know how to find a new one. 

And if you fall – because let us be honest, we all sometimes fall – then have the compassion to acknowledge your humanness so you can learn how to improve your balance. 

One Apple A Day #698 – 100%

A long time ago, I watched a video by Darren Hardy in which we asked his audience how much, in percentage, they think they were responsible for the quality of their relationships.
Most of the people said 50%.
Me too, while watching I thought it was 50%. In the end, there are two people in a relationship, so the responsibility should be evenly split.
Instead, he stated that we all have 100% of it.
In any relationship – personal or professional, couple, family or team – we are 100% responsible.
It was an eye-opening moment for me.
Taking full responsibility for any situation in my life, no matter how many other people are involved, it means to focus on what I can actually do to improve and make the situation better.
I can’t change others, so to take full ownership of whatever is happening allows me to focus my attention and my energy on something I can do.
That doesn’t mean that we can’t be hurt or that we can shape everything that happens in our life. Neither that we can solve every problem.
And indeed we can’t change other people, but if we take full responsibility, we have a chance to change ourselves.

One Apple A Day #692 – change is life

Almost every day, I check the plants and vegetables in my garden to see how they’re doing. I mostly look for changes.
A tomato getting slightly reddish or the aubergine getting a bit bigger, things like those.
If a plan doesn’t show signs of change, I begin to worry.
Obviously, changes can also communicate that something is not working. However, until there are changes, I know there is life.
I realised this while I was walking around the garden and talking with a friend at the same time.
We were discussing the need for organisations to have a form or shape of some sort. And my resistance in defining things, in giving a shape to something like a collaboration between people.
At that moment, among my tomatoes, my fennels and my cabbages, I realised that I was conditioned to think of shapes as something fixed. I’ve been taught to look for stability only to learn later in life that when I’m not changing, I don’t feel alive. So I began to resist forms, structures and shapes.
But if I look at form as something that says just who I am today and not who I will be tomorrow, then many of those fears just dissolve.
Any form should continuously evolve and change like everything else in nature. If the form of everything stays the same for a while, then it may be time to check if that form is still alive.
Because, until there are changes, you know there is life.

One Apple A Day #754 – rethink the who

To know who we are is a lifelong journey.
And not an easy one.
I believe that the direct way, going head-on towards this quest doesn’t really work. It’s impossible to distil something as infinite as a human being in a few words.
So, usually, we recognise ourselves through the reflections we see in what’s around and outside us. Our relationships, the things we create, the word we do, our habits. In everything we do, there is a reflection of who we are, a glimpse of our identity.
We all have this universe of people, activities and things around us through which we recognise ourselves.
But what happens when a crisis turns everything upside down in a moment? When our habits get disrupted? When we can’t do our work anymore, not in the same way at least?
Can we still recognise ourselves then?
What if we look at the crisis as an opportunity to rethink who we are?

One Apple A Day #733 – you are me

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40

I went to bed yesterday evening with this sentence in my head. 

A reminiscence from my childhood, maybe.

When I woke up, it was still there.

So, I checked it out, and it’s a small bit from a quite judgemental parable from Jesus. One in which he spoke about judgement day and the division between the righteous ones going to heaven and the not so righteous going to hell.

I’d like to stand clear of the judgement part, as I believe everyone carries both sides. At least, I do.

But that sentence wants to tell me something.

On the surface, I may read it as a piece of advice; be good and kind with others if you want to be welcome to heaven.

But to me, it says something more. It reminds me that the divine is within each one of us. That we are all made of the same substance. Even more, that we are one.

And that means that “every time I hurt someone, I am hurting myself. Every act of kindness I do, I’m doing it to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human is, was, and will be, experienced by me.

Just think about how the world would change if we all live with this awareness. If we all act from this place of oneness.

Me, I’m not there yet. Quite far to be honest. But I can feel the power and peace that comes from just reflecting on this.

It is a journey.

One that I’m willing to walk.

If you have some time, read this today.