One Apple A Day #693 – you never know

You never know where inspiration is hiding.
You never know where the next idea is.
You never know from where that life-changing insight will come.

It can be in that compelling book about personal development that you’re reading right now. Or it can hide within a joke in the last episode of the funny series you watch every day.
It can hit you in the stomach while you’re immersed in a meaningful conversation with a dear friend. Or it can shout at you while you’re skimming through the ads in your local newspaper.
You never know.
That’s why it’s essential to keep our senses open, to stay curious and to pay attention.

One Apple A Day #676 – the wisdom of curiosity

“Words are the representations and symbols we use to view, think about, and process our perceptions of reality and they are the means of sharing these perceptions with others.” – Judith Glaser

Words are powerful; they shape the reality we experience. 

One word can trap you into a life you never wanted. One word can break the walls and liberate you. 

Just yesterday, I was reflecting, with one of my mentors, about my struggle in picking a label for what I do. But that’s for another day.

Last weekend I read an interesting article on how schools are killing curiosityMaybe this is why that word came back this morning in my meditation.

I did a quick check online, and learned that “curious” comes from Latin curiosus meaning “careful, diligent; inquiring eagerly, meddlesome”. The word is akin to cura, “care”. 

What really kindled my curiosity is that the word “care” comes from Latin “cura”. Modern linguists believe that “cura” derived from the root ku-/kav- meaning “observe”. From the same root comes the Sanskrit word “kavi”, meaning “sage”.

In my mind, all of this means that being curious is the way to and a trait of wisdom.

Being curious is better than being smart. It is desire, not intelligence, that prompts behaviour. – James Clear