One Apple A Day #891 – who’s first?

Anytime I hear someone saying that we must put “us first”, whoever that “us” include, I can’t help but feel pain.
As if, in the long game, there can ever be a winner.
We are all interconnected.
Winning over someone or everyone else is just a momentary achievement.
The idea that life is a competition is shortsighted and is the real cause of many world-scale issues like climate change or global pollution.
We value momentary local victories, without considering that at some point we will pay the price as a whole.
I hear many saying that this is the rule of the jungle.
But that’s because we observe nature from an ego-centric perspective. So, it may look like animals are competing for the same resources, or we may believe that predators and prey are on different sides of the game.
Instead, they are all dancers in the same ballet.
All animals and plants are part of nature’s flow. A lion has nothing against a gazelle, but they are both parts of the same flow.
From the perspective of nature, they are collaborating.
Us human, with our free will, we read that as competition without realizing that in doing that we are damaging ourselves too.
Am I oversimplifying?
But I had this thought spinning in my head for the last few days, after reading yet another politician say “my region first”. And I needed to let it go.

One Apple A Day #827 – consequences

“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.”

Robert G. Ingersoll

 I found this quote on a sign at the beginning of a path, leading into the woods. I was having a long walking brainstorming with a friend and, like everything we met, also these words weaved into our conversation.

But they stayed with me long after we wrapped our conversation and waved goodbye.

And I still go back to these words almost every day.

This morning they sneak in my morning meditation. 

Nature carries no judgement.

That was my first thought.

In nature, there are no good or bad, right or wrong; just things that happen.

We add these labels to behaviours and events.

Because most of the time, we are self-centred and short-sighted.

It is in the short space and time around us that we may feel there rewards and punishments. But in the infinite game of the universe, there are only consequences. Some are visible and local, other invisible and non-local.

That also means that everything we do have consequences, even when we can’t see them.

One Apple A Day #766 – like a dog

We took Perla, our family dog, out for a walk.
It was a year since the last time we took her out. We have a garden where she can play and run undisturbed, and we don’t have woods or parks at walking distance. But once in a while during the summer, we take the car and bring her to the river.
So, we decided it was time for a small summer trip and some jumps in the water.
So we took the leash, and she immediately understood what was going to happen.
You should have seen her. If joy could have any form or shape, that would be Perla at that moment.
I barely had the time to open the car, and she was already there, waiting to go.
That enthusiasm towards life.
The joy in her eyes.
I want to feel that.
There is something so pure and magical in her look.
How would life look like if I could be a bit more like her sometimes?

“Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach.”


One Apple A Day #761 – Like the aubergine plant

I’m sitting outside this morning. While I write these words, the water keeps flowing from the fountain.

Water doesn’t care about my struggles, my worries, my thoughts. Or anyone else’s. She just does her thing; flowing.

The same for the plants in my garden; they are all being themselves.

And in doing so, they realise their natural potential.

The aubergine plant, for example. 

When we put the plants on the ground, we had high hope. I love aubergines. However, things didn’t work as expected. The plants struggled to grow, and after almost two months, I began to accept the idea that I wouldn’t have any aubergines in my garden.

Then, a few weeks ago, something happened. A small dark and shiny fruit (yep, aubergine, or eggplant, is a fruit) appeared. Yesterday we picked the first two beautiful and perfect two.

The plants just keep doing their things. They didn’t care about what was happening around, about my worries, or my lack of trust. 

They just kept being themselves until they realised their mission.

It is me, with my complicated mind, my free will, my relentless thinking that I have doubts. That I can’t figure out what my mission is.

In a meeting yesterday, someone told me “you just can’t stop being you“. And maybe that is the key.

Being me. Always.

Like the aubergine plant.

No matter what.

Until the fruits come for the world to see and enjoy.

One Apple A Day #750 – the “have to” free zone

There are many “have to” in my typical day.
I’m quite sure it is the same for many.
I have to do this or that.
I have to be there.
I have to finish this.
I have to leave.
I have to write something.
I have to go.
Even now, just writing these few examples, I was holding my breath.
Most of the time, I’m not aware of all of these “have to”, but I just came back from two days free from them where my senses woke up.
Two days in the mountains, with my best friend, doing only what we wanted in the moment.
Sure, we had a plan, sort of.
But it was only useful to set the stage in advance.
Since the moment we left for our weekend out, we only followed our intuition.
It is so powerful.
Time almost disappears.
Now I need more of this in my average day.
Plan in advance to set the stage and then follow my intuition.