One Apple A Day #617 – Turning adversaries into partners

Yesterday I began reading a new book, “Conversation Intelligence” by Judith E. Glaser

Only a few pages into it and I’ve already found a small gem; a sentence that stood out and got me thinking.

“Turning adversaries into partners.”

Just four words, so simple yet so powerful. Reading the news, I feel I am surrounded by conflicts. Everyone is against something or someone else.

It’s all a big competition to stay on top. 

We’ve been so good at convincing ourselves that being first is the goal that we are all competing for that small place above. So, we grow jealous and protective of what we have and what we know. Yeah, we may collaborate or use the others, but in the end, the race to the top it’s a solitary race. 

Does it really have to be like this?

What if we stop seeing others as competitors?

What if we transform the idea “we all want the same” from a reason to compete into a reason to connect?

I am aware that I can’t change my world without some kind of corresponding change to my self. 

So, where do I start?

Judith Glaser suggestion is to start by changing our words. 

It seems an excellent starting for me.

What words do you need to change to turn your adversaries into your partners?