One Apple A Day #754 – rethink the who

To know who we are is a lifelong journey.
And not an easy one.
I believe that the direct way, going head-on towards this quest doesn’t really work. It’s impossible to distil something as infinite as a human being in a few words.
So, usually, we recognise ourselves through the reflections we see in what’s around and outside us. Our relationships, the things we create, the word we do, our habits. In everything we do, there is a reflection of who we are, a glimpse of our identity.
We all have this universe of people, activities and things around us through which we recognise ourselves.
But what happens when a crisis turns everything upside down in a moment? When our habits get disrupted? When we can’t do our work anymore, not in the same way at least?
Can we still recognise ourselves then?
What if we look at the crisis as an opportunity to rethink who we are?

One Apple A Day #714 – the same but not the same

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” — Heraclitus

I would like to write something new, fresh, and original every morning. 

I really do. 

But it’s tough for a few reasons.

To start with, after more than 700 posts I can’t really remember everything I wrote about. The first post is more than three years old. 

Plus, I have some recurring themes that are close to my heart towards which I’m easily dragged.

And finally, inspiration floats. There are days in which my fingers can barely keep the pace of the words flowing out of my heads. Other days in which I have to really dig out or use some tricks to put together a decent post.

So, some days I’m worried about repeating myself.

Have I already share this? Haven’t I wrote about this a few months back?

And I do repeat myself. I think it’s unavoidable. But I’ve also learned that I changed with every post that I write. The person who publishes the article is not the same who started writing it. 

It’s a tiny difference. So small that it’s almost imperceptible, yet it’s there. 

So, even if I repeat myself, as Heraclitus said, I’m not the same person.

One Apple A Day #710 – impermanence

This too shall pass.

It’s a Persian proverb coming from a Sufi fable. Just four words yet so much power.

These days are, at least for me, a reminder that impermanence is part of life and nature. So many things that we believed immutable have been turned upside down. All of a sudden, some habits have become old, and we left them behind while new ways are emerging.

This is quite normal in nature. The old plants die to leave space for the new ones. 

The idea that sooner or later, everything comes to an end, may sound sad. But when we accept that impermanence is part of the perfection of life, it is liberating. At least that is how it worked for me.

It doesn’t avoid the pain that comes with any ending, but it transforms it in fuel to move forward instead of suffering that holds you back.

This too shall pass.

One Apple A Day #709 – build on love

We need to change things to prevent this from happening again. We must avoid going back to how things were before. 

These are two sentences I often hear lately, and they made me think. Recently, someone reminded me that after every big global shock, humanity reacted creating new structures or configurations. 

The UN was created after World War II to prevent future wars. The same for what evolved into the current European Union. After 9/11, many changes were made to the way we travel and live.

Yet, here we are. With all these structures showing fragilities and struggling to provide answers to the challenges we are facing.

Energy informs configuration. And the energy from which those systems and structures were sourced was one of fear. As a result, they feed on that fear so they can’t really create the way forward unless they don’t shift on a different energy.

So, this is my wish. 

For individuals, families, communities, organisations, and countries.

That whatever new system, structures or configuration that will emerge from these circumstances, they will be sourced from love, compassion and courage. 

Not as a way to escape from something. 

Not as a way to avoid or protect something. 

But as a way to move forward and create a better future for everyone

One Apple A Day #685 – now, here, breathe

Some days, I feel lost.
I keep reading inspiring articles about how this global crisis will change the world, on how it will change us at every level. I hear predictions and suggestions on how we should prepare for the aftermath. I’ve been asked, and I ask powerful questions. And in the meanwhile, I’ve been doing plans, creating things, having conversations on what we can do and how. I can feel the excitement for what this massive and global change will bring.
Then, some days, I just feel lost.

As if in my looking forward, in my effort to prepare for tomorrow, I’ve forgotten my today. Yet, life is happening today.
And in this today, I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I don’t know how the world will be. I don’t know who I will be. I don’t even know when it will be tomorrow. I have no answers and maybe not even the right questions.

In these moments, I feel the need to stop and stay.
To stop asking, searching, thinking, doing, making sense.
Just stay.
Stay with what it is, with who I am.
It is not the moment for future goals, for prediction, for long term plans.
I just want to be present.
Now, here. Nowhere.