One Apple A Day #661 – trust the now

To be fully present in the moment it’s one of the purest and highest manifestations of trust.

Being able to predict the future is a fundamental survival skill. Human beings have been refining this ability since their appearance on Earth. It is in our DNA. We are endlessly analyzing our surroundings and predicting, or least trying to predict, what will happen next. We want to be sure to avoid anything that can bring us harm and, on the other side, repeat what gives us pleasure.

Yet, somehow predicting is like walking forward while looking back. We compare the situation with our memories to guess what may happen next, what will or will not work. Prediction is driven by our need for safety. It is, in the end, a reflection of fear.

To be present in the moment, without knowing what will happen and without trying to predict what’s next, requires trust.
Trust in it’s purest form. Trust in ourselves and in our infinite potential. Trust that whatever the future holds, we will thrive in it.