One Apple A Day #831 – Wisdom

This morning I want to start a little new challenge. A few months ago, I bought a set of cards about strengths. They are great in workshops or coaching sessions to identify our strengths so we can use them as levers to create changes in our lives or to solve our challenges.

Unfortunately, due to this pandemic, I haven’t been able to use them properly. Tired of seeing them laying on my desk, I decided to use them differently. For the next days, every morning I’ll pick a card and write about it. There are quite a few cards on the deck, so I think I have enough material for the rest of this crazy year.

Anyway, without farther ado, let’s begin with the first card; wisdom.

The dictionary says that it is the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments.

On Wikipedia, they add understanding, common sense and insight to the recipe. And these are three fundamental ingredients because they make quite clear that wisdom is not about knowing a lot.

It’s not the amount of knowledge or experiences that make you wise. It is the ability to sense into what you know and don’t know and source your words, choices and actions from there. 

I think we are wise anytime we remove the duality between sensing and making sense. 

Uh, time flies. I need to use it more wisely next time. 

Let’s close this post with some wisdom from someone wiser than me.

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

Isaac Asimov

One Apple A Day #808 – the wisdom in me

Have you ever had the feeling of knowing something without knowing how and when you’ve learned it?
I believe there is more wisdom in everyone that we can imagine.
I always thought that knowledge is the stuff that I acquire and store in my brain through life experiences.
But I’m becoming more and more aware than my body knows a lot more than I thought.
My heart knows a lot more.
My muscles and my guts know a lot more.
Every cell in me has wisdom in it, beyond what my mind can grasp.
My soul is way wiser than me.
I’m just blind and deaf to all this wisdom.
I’m so used to think through everything that I forgot how to tap into this wellspring of knowledge and creativity.
Yet, it is there.
I know it’s there, I don’t know how I know, but I can feel it’s there.
A few times, when the situations pushed me to the boundaries of what my mind could grasp and understand, I sourced from that wisdom.
I just need to keep listening deeply, until I’ll be able to hear its whisper.

One Apple A Day #691 – homecoming

I was fully immersed in a conversation with Vanessa when this word hit me. I didn’t know why, but I felt I had to stop for a second and jot it down. I couldn’t let it go until I knew it was safe somewhere.


I don’t know where you are right now.
Someone is home.
Someone is stuck somewhere dreaming about home.
Some are in a house they don’t feel home.

All of a sudden, my body has been confined in one place.
But what about my mind, heart and soul? Where are they?
Are they home too, or are they still trying to hold to somewhere else?

I had this image of a halo effect, like the tail of a comet. My body abruptly dragged home while the rest of me was still clinging to the many places and people of my life.
There are parts of me that are missing right now.
Dreams, ambitions, projects, connections.
They were all out there when my body was forced within here.
Yeah, this thing took something from me.
Though, the connection is still there.
Like an elastic band, pulling them back home.
And the more they come home, the more I feel whole and in peace.
It is a process.
A sort of homecoming.

One Apple A Day #696- my knowledge game

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.” — Albert Einstein

Sometimes I find myself trapped in the “I don’t know enough” game. It’s a game I play when I have to decide something or when I’m going through an uncomfortable experience.

It is usually triggered by fear or insecurity and fed be the illusion that, by knowing and understanding more, I’ll be able to make the right choice or to find peace. Too often, unfortunately, this game paralyses me. While I’m lost in the game of knowing more, the rest of the world keeps moving forward. 

Knowledge is power. But it’s only when we act that that power manifests in the world. When we don’t act, we are just wasting that power. So, what’s the point in accumulating power, if I miss the opportunity to use it?

Plus, knowledge and experience can quickly become a cage. They set the boundaries of what we can and can not do. Of what is possible. Children are great teachers in this. Because they know very little, they use their imagination to go beyond, explore and grow.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” — Albert Einstein

One Apple A Day #682 – the wise cat

In the last few years, we moved many times. Different homes, cities and sometimes countries. Our beloved cat has always moved with us. Anytime we moved into a new place, he has to change all his habits and learn to move within a different environment. He had no choice. 

The other day I was observing him moving around while I was going through my morning routine. It’s impressive to watch how it looks like he has always been here, not just for a few months.

Looking back at the process he goes through any time we move into a new place, something that for him means disrupting his whole environment, I notice a few recurring phases.

  1. Accept. Felix has no words on the choice to move into a new place. He usually complains when we help him into the transporting bag, but once we are at the destination, that’s it. No more complaining, he just accepts his new reality.
  2. Assess. The first days he goes around assessing the new reality. He explores the room, discovers hiding places and advantage points of observation. He quickly becomes fully aware of where he is and how he can get the best out of the new environment.
  3. Adapt. Then he changes his habits to the new environment. He makes the new place his own place. He fully embraces his new reality so he can focus on the things that make him feel good.

He looks definitely happy, so I feel I can learn something from wise Felix.