My dream is for all human beings to be able to access their infinite creative potential.

I work to make this dream reality. 

I am also a relentless seeker, so I like to express myself in many forms.

I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach, an EMCC Accredited Coach and Mentor at Practitioner level, a Human Potential Coach within Being at Full Potential. I partner with innovators, teams and organizations to help them reclaim their inner creative potential through a process of subtraction.

I am the Chief Innovation Officer of MentorLab. I take care of TheLab, our knowledge sharing laboratory and community. If you are looking for a place where you can learn, grow and connect with like-minded people, join our community.

I am also one of the souls of Essere.Coach, an evolving, spontaneous and formless collaboration between myself and my dear friend Luca. “Essere” means being in Italian, and that is our mission: supporting people, team and organizations in unleashing the potential of their being so they can transform their reality.


One of my biggest passions is writing. I have a daily writing practice called One Apple A Day. I wrote a book, title Subtraction. And every now and then, I write longer posts like the ones below.

You can find other posts here.

I am curious, and I love conversations. If you want to explore together ways to liberate your or others’ creative potential, please get in touch.