Working with me

Individual Coaching: BEING FREE

I designed BEING FREE as a transformative journey to help you connect with your extraordinary essence and create more freedom in your life. BEING FREE is not about achieving more, it is about becoming more of who you are. It is about change and transformation. It is about chipping away the old structures that don’t serve you any more to liberate your extraordinary essence and allow you to experience freedom.

You can read more about the BEING FREE process here.

The coaching journey includes a discovery session of 60 minutes, 12 coaching session of 60 minutes, various coaching tools, weekly calls and emails free of charge.

Human Potential Team Coaching

The Human Potential Team Programme has been carefully designed to capacitate teams of 6 to 20 people and resolve the most complicated dilemmas they are facing. Supported by the Being At Full Potential Team Assessment, I will create and hold the space for the team to develop their own standards and rituals, to face their tensions and challenges by staying in the space in between the known and the unknown, allowing the answers to emerge from their awareness so that they can co-create their journey forward.

You can read more about the BEING TEAM programme here.

The team coaching journey includes a sensing session of 90 minutes with the key stakeholders, the Being At Full Potential Team Assessment, a 2 days workshop and at least 8 weeks of group and individual coaching to create a lasting transformation.

Bespoke Innovation Projects

The curiosity and the passion for exploring different fields of innovation, from the technological to the humanistic, has allowed me over the years to develop the ability to create connections between different disciplines.
In this way, I can best support you by combining, depending on your needs, coaching, facilitation, consulting, technology, science, logic, creativity, active listening, emotional intelligence, powerful questions and intuition.
Together we can design the best approach to harness all the innovation potential within your organisation.